Introduction and industry application of cobalt oxide(Cobalt Tetroxide)

2021-07-09 09:04:59

Introduction and industry application of cobalt oxide(Cobalt Tetroxide)

Cobalt oxide (cobaltousoxide), chemical formula COO. Cobalt Oxide is the stable oxide of cobalt.
Because of the production method and purity, they appear grayish green, brown, pink, and dark gray. The relative density is 6.45. Soluble in acid, insoluble in water, alcohol, ammonia and easy to be Carbon monoxide is reduced to cobalt metal. High temperature easily with silica, alumina or zinc oxide reaction to produce a variety of pigments. Cobalt oxide is widely used, mainly used in the following four aspects. Below for your reference:
Introduction and industry application of cobalt oxide(Cobalt Tetroxide) 1
(1) enamel and ceramic pigments
The corrosion resistance and wear resistance can be improved when the Cobalt Oxide is added into the enamel. In various building materials and daily ceramics, it is made of cobalt oxide
Blue pigments or glazes are applied to ceramic products, and after roasting, bright ceramics are presented, which is more artistic.


(2) Battery industry
Cobalt powder and cobaltous oxide powder are good additives for battery materials, which can improve the Ni(OH)2 content, proton conductance reduces the oxidation potential and increases the oxygen evolution potential, which has significant effect on improving the performance of the electrode. Power can be guaranteed in the early charging period. Extremely charging enables Ni(OH)2 to be fully converted to NiOOH, while restraining oxygen precipitation, improving charging efficiency and increasing specific capacitance of the electrode.


(3) catalysts for petroleum refining
Cobalt products have a long history as catalysts in petroleum refining and play an important role in promoting the development of petroleum refining, Such as alloy catalyst which is made by using metal cobalt and aluminum, iron and others. The cobalt oxide as petroleum catalyst is also very important for acceleration and the role of petroleum refining is indispensable. Therefore, in recent years, the use of cobalt oxide catalyst plays an important role.


(4)paint additives(paint dryers)
When cobalt oxide is added in the manufacture of various paints, the performance of the paint is improved, especially as a drier in the paint which means in the use of paint is easy to dry quickly, in order to improve the application rate. This is of great benefit to the rapid construction of paint.
Above applications is for your reference. Thank you.

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