2-Ethylcapronic acid 1
2-Ethylcapronic acid 1

2-Ethylcapronic acid

Formula: C8H16O2
CAS NO.: 149-57-5
M.W: 144.204
Properties: 2-Ethylcapronic acid is a colorless, slightly smelly liquid. Flammable, slightly soluble in cold water, soluble in hot water and ether, slightly soluble in ethanol.
Application:It is used as an intermediate in paint and paint driers, as a modifier for alkyd resins, as a catalyst for polymerization reactions such as Peroxide, and as a stabilizer for lubricants, esters and PVC.


Technical specification
Actual measurement
Clear and transparent oiled liquid
Acid Value(KOH mg/g)(≥385)

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