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Iron Oxide 1
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Iron Oxide

Formula: Fe3O4
CAS NO.: 1317-61-9
M.W.: 231.533
EINECS: 240-969-9
Appearance: Black Powder
Fe3O4 is an inorganic substance, chemical formula Fe3O4, is a magnetic black crystalline powder.Pro micron magnetic iron oxide (Fe3O4), particle size is small, easy to disperse, widely used, with magnetic iron, can be used as pigments, UV resistant materials, microwave absorption materials, lithium battery materials, lithium iron phosphate raw materials.

Fe3O4 99.92%
Al 0.004%
Zn 0.002%
Ca 0.002%
Mg 0.001%
Fe 0.002%
Cd 0.001%
Co 0.003%
Ni 0.001%
Si 0.002%
Sn N.D.
W N.D.
L.O.L 0.50
Particle Size 3μm


1.powder coating: nano iron oxide in the temperature of 300℃ color does not change; the application of magnetic recording materials: nano-ferrooxide magnetic materials added to the coating, has a light specific gravity, good absorption and attenuation of electromagnetic wave and sound wave, and has strong absorption, dissipation, shielding and other characteristics of mid-infrared band;
3.Application in the field of medicine and biology;
4.Applications in catalysis and sensors.
Packaging and storage
Storage:  Store at a ventilating and dry place, prevent damp and rain.
Packing: 25kg net, Paper/PE complex bags with double PE inners.

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